Having such a solid group of supporters underpinning our campaign has made all the difference. From those of you that came out in the deep mid-winter to campaign for the Labour Party before the election, to those of you that have been supportive on social media and those that have come into the office and made telephone calls and those that contributed funds to the campaign. 


You've all made a huge difference to this campaign. 

I'm sorry we weren't able to achieve the result we all wanted but I feel incredibly proud of what we've achieved together. North, South, East and West there has been a tremendous response to our focus on creating a New London with New Leadership. When I launched last September - I published a report into what I felt was the most pressing issue facing our City: Housing. 


Remember - we achieved a huge amount on this campaign. 

From the get go we ensured the discussion and debate was positive and centred around ideas and policy not personalities.


I hope you will join me in congratulating Sadiq Khan. 

Like me, I know you will give your full support to his efforts to become the Labour Mayor for London. Sadiq and his team ran a great campaign and it bodes well for the main event in May of next year. 

I can't thank you enough for all your support,